Pothole patching will start 7:30 AM Thursday 8/22/19 at Seven Bays Marina. The Marina WILL BE OPEN during construction. Single lane traffic control will be provided by the paving contractor. This should take 2 days to complete.

License Information

Information on Washington State hunting regulations can be found HERE:

National Park Service regulations are not contained in those guides. Following are some of the regulations which hunters will need to be aware of:

  • Hunting is prohibited within 1/2 mile of all developed areas including, but not limited to, campgrounds, visitor centers, day-use areas, and boat launches. Old Kettle Falls developed area is the exception. Waterfowl hunting is allowed during specific times and seasons.
  • Possession of firearms is allowed at Lake Roosevelt and must be in accordance with Washington state law.
  • Viewing and hunting of wildlife with artificial light is prohibited, except when allowed by Washington state law.
  • Permanent tree stands and “screw-in” tree stand steps are prohibited.
  • All vehicles must remain on designated roadways and the use of all off-road vehicles (ORVs) is prohibited throughout the Recreation Area.
  • All trash and other man-made materials must be packed up and deposited in trash receptacles.
  • Target shooting or the sighting-in of weapons, including bow and arrow, is prohibited.
  • Trapping is prohibited in the Recreation Area.
  • The possession and use of any other device capable of firing/launching a projectile (e.g., paintball guns, water balloon and potato launchers, cannons, catapults and slingshots) is prohibited.

From nps.gov