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When can I reserve for next season/year?

Reservations for the following year open in early September, with the first day being entirely online reservations. Check back later for a more specific date.

What are the fuel prices?

Fuel prices are constantly changing, for current prices please call 509-725-7229

Where can guests dock/anchor the houseboats?

Guests are welcome to beach the boats at any available beach. They cannot be docked or anchored at any of the day use docks along the lake.

All boats must beached or anchored at shore during the night.

What’s included (comes with) the houseboats?

Items included on the houseboat is dependent on the houseboat being rented. For more information, look at each house boat specifically here:

Where can the boats go/not go?

Houseboats cannot be docked or anchored at any of the day use docks along the lake.

Where can I get a map of the water?

Maps are available in the stores to purchase, and a map is on each boat.

Where can I get ice?

Purchased in retail store at either location

Can I book a houseboat, take it to the Indian Reservation land and then pitch a tent on the shoreline?

Yes, guests can beach the houseboat on the shore of the reservation. A permit is required to pitch the tent.

What’s the best time of year to camp?

July and August are the prime months. June and September are great months also, beautiful days with cooler evenings.

Can I camp right on the water?

Yes, guests can tent camp on the water, exceptions being in the marinas or in designated campgrounds. On the reservation side a permit is required.