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Houseboat with Hot Tub | Houseboats | Lake Roosevelt Adventures


It’s the greatest vacation adventure that ANYONE can experience! Just show up, and we teach you the rest! You don’t even need a special license.

Why Houseboating?

Well it’s quite simple – houseboating is life-changing. You’ll enjoy…

  • The freedom of being on the vast waters of Lake Roosevelt
  • The unplugged and unfiltered time with friends and family
  • Adventure if you’d like – waterskiing, hiking, fishing, among many others
  • Peace, if that’s more your speed – lounging on a beach or sunning on your houseboat deck

There are a few basic rules to Houseboating:

  1. Pack light – your Staterooms are cozy
  2. Be prepared – there are things you may not have thought about, lucky for you, we’re here to remind you
  3. Stop at the marina store – we’ve got all the basics (plus more) that you need
  4. Have fun!
Galaxy Class Houseboat | Houseboats | Lake Roosevelt Adventures

Galaxy Class Houseboat

All five staterooms in the Galaxy Class feature a Queen-size bed. Cutting-edge electrical systems and the addition of a massive generator allowed the Galaxy Class to offer all creature comforts. Traditional Kitchen Appliances, Air-Conditioning, Hot Tub, Fireplace, Surround-Sound TV, Bridge-deck stereo with CD/MP3, and a Dryer.

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Nova Class Houseboat | Houseboats | Lake Roosevelt Adventures

Nova Class Houseboat

The Nova Class offers a larger Table, (4) additional Bar Stools, larger Sleeper-Sofa, (2) Lounge Chairs, and a larger TV. Beyond the obvious differences, the Nova Class also features Central AC, Satellite TV, and a Multi-Zone Stereo that includes sound to the beach and bridge deck.

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Luna Class Houseboat | Houseboats | Lake Roosevelt Adventures

Luna Class Houseboat

This comfortable mid-size houseboat measures 54′ in length and offers many of the amenities found on our larger Nova & Galaxy Class.

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Explorer Class Houseboat | Houseboats | Lake Roosevelt Adventures

Explorer Class Houseboat

Designed for smaller groups or single families, the Explorer class offers the same level of offerings as our other models, just a little cozier.

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