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(all permits must be purchased in advance of arrival to Lake Roosevelt Adventures)

One of the few National Park Service units to allow hunting, Lake Roosevelt’s regulations are meant to provide a safe and meaningful experience for all visitors. Hunters must be familiar with both Washington State and federal regulations and keep in mind that many park visitors will be unaware that hunting occurs within the recreation area.

Information on Washington State hunting regulations can be found here

National Park Service regulations are not contained in those guides. Following are some of the regulations which hunters will need to be aware of:

  • Hunting is prohibited within 1/2 mile of all developed areas including, but not limited to, campgrounds, visitor centers, day-use areas, and boat launches. Old Kettle Falls developed area is the exception. Waterfowl hunting is allowed during specific times and seasons.
  • Possession of firearms is allowed at Lake Roosevelt and must be in accordance with Washington State law.
  • Viewing and hunting of wildlife with artificial light is prohibited, except when allowed by Washington State law.
  • Permanent tree stands and “screw-in” tree stand steps are prohibited.
  • All vehicles must remain on designated roadways and the use of all Off-road vehicles (ORV’s) is prohibited throughout the Recreation Area.
  • All trash and other man-made materials must be packed out and deposited in trash receptacles.
  • Target shooting or the sighting in of weapons, including bow and arrow, is prohibited.
  • Trapping is prohibited in the Recreation Area.
  • The possession and use of any other device capable of firing/launching a projectile (e.g. paintball guns, water balloon and potato launchers, cannons, catapults and slingshots), is prohibited.